Participação na 18ª Conferência SAA Minneapolis EUA

Mais de 1200 professores participam da 18ª Conferência da SAA.

Grande programação de palestras, oficinas, wokshops!!!

18 Conference Suzuki
Minneapolis 24-28 May 2018
Thursday: Morning / Afternoon / Evening
Friday: Morning / Afternoon / Evening
Saturday: Morning / Afternoon / Evening
Sunday: Morning / Afternoon / Evening
Monday: Morning
Full Schedule
Wednesday Afternoon

Dalcroze for Suzuki Teachers—Part 1 (Pre-Registration Required)
Jeremy Dittus
Thursday Morning

Dalcroze for Suzuki Teachers—Part 2 (Pre-Registarion Required)
Jeremy Dittus
Thursday Afternoon

Every Child Can!
James Hutchins

International Research Symposium on Talent Education Part 1
Pat D’Ercole

A body in motion tends…to feel better!
Sarah Hersh

Bass Committee Meeting #1
S Daniel Swaim

Creating a Worldwide Collaborating Community: A How-To for Planning a Student Performance Tour
Allison Huebner-Woerner, Erika Lord-Castillo

Musicality Through Breath, Imagination, and Gesture
Nancy Modell

Pre-Twinkles and PhDs: Collaborating with College Music Programs
Blair School of Music, Kirsten Cassel Greer, Zachary Ebin

Proven Strategies for Building Your Studio
Megan Titensor

Changing the world as a string educator- You are the musical catalyst for your community!
Candace Jorgensen, Ruth Meints

Building Community Among Independent Studios
Daniela Gongora, Andrea Kleesattel, Jessica McNamara, Jenna Potts, Sara Bennett Wolfe

Building Community in Your Suzuki Program
Nancy Lokken

Community Building: 50 Nifty Patterns of Action for a School of Music
Michael Beert, Martha Frantz, Rachel Handlin

So, my student hates performing, what can I do about it?
Julia Clearman

The Importance and the “How To” of teaching Music Theory in Suzuki Piano Lessons
Rita Hauck

Winning the War on Robots
David Strom
Thursday Evening ^Top

The Power of a Statewide Retreat
Jennifer Burton, Gretchen Grube Rebar, Janelle Severson, Carol Waldvogel

“Burn with the Obligation to Save the World” Adapting the Suzuki philosophy to best serve low-income students
Laura Eakman

Collaboration beyond the Suzuki Studio
Beth Cantrell

Engaging Parents: SECE Ideas in the Instrumental Lesson
Kathleen Schoen, Thomas Wm Schoen

Reach out, work together and change lives!
Caroline Fraser

Shoulders and Vibrato
Pamela Devenport

Teaching Students with Exceptionalities: Creating an Inclusive Environment in Your Studio or Ensemble
Jacqueline Smith

The Evolution of Tonalization
Mark Mutter

Why Wait?!
Wan Tsai Chen

You Don’t Know Until You Ask! Making Community Connections to Reach Diverse Populations
Sharon Miller

Building Bridges to Save Our World—from Pre-Twinkle Forward
Kay Collier McLaughlin

Bass Clef Community Conversations
Kate Jones, Alice Ann O’Neill

Viola Teachers’ Meet & Greet
Julia Hardie
Friday Morning ^Top

Dalcroze Eurythmics: Musicianship from Inside Out
Jeremy Dittus

From the diaries of a Suzuki mom: Connecting musical parenting research and music education practice
Beatriz Ilari

Dalcroze and Suzuki: Making Dynamic Connections that Nurture the Complete Musician
Jeremy Dittus, Julie Bamberger Roubik, Megan Bauer, Jeremy Chesman, Meg Lanfear, Eunjin Lee, Carolyn Mead, Marissa Murphy, Emma Shubin

Fiddle & Song: Fiddling Can Begin with Beginners and Include Everyone! (Alfred Music Showcase Session)
Renata Bratt, Bob Phillips, Crystal Plohman Wiegman

There’s a game for that! Group class activities for the smallest to the tallest.
Christopher Mattaliano, Amber Sander

Exhibits Open (9am-7pm)

International Research Symposium on Talent Education Part 2
Pat D’Ercole

Cello Masterclass #1
Clive Greensmith, Madoka Asari

Piano Masterclass #1
Jon Kimura Parker

Violin Masterclass #1
Martin Beaver, Melissa Zindel

“Making the Twinkle Changes”—Improvising with Twinkle
Mike Hyland

A Minuet Anyone Can Do
Zara Lawler

Bass Committee Meeting #2
S Daniel Swaim

Dalcroze Lesson Planning for Group and Private Instruction: teaching through discovery and experiential learning
Jeremy Dittus

SECE Baby/Toddler Demonstration Classes #1
Wan Tsai Chen, Katie Ekberg, David Madsen, Lynn McCall, Danette Schuh, Meredith Vaughan

Twelve Years of Suzuki in the Schools
Kristin Gomez

Creative individual and group-class warm-ups: Teaching tools that build community
Alfred Music Publishing, Bethany Moss, Kirk Moss

Follow the Bouncing Ball: using Dalcroze to introduce note reading
Emma Shubin

Rinse and Repeat? Strategies for Mindful Repetition in Practice
Meredith Blecha-Wells, Nick Curry, Sarah Kim

SECE: Early Childhood Education… or Early Parent Education?
Jodie St Clair

The Art of the Viola: What Every Violinist Should Know
Christopher Luther

How Families Can Learn Collaboration
Dawn Rockwell, Abigail Vogt

Reaching Out…and pulling Teens In
Diane Slone
Friday Afternoon ^Top

Dancing with Bach
Jennifer Lang, Jane Peck

New Tools for Suzuki teachers: Dalcroze Strategies and Techniques
Jeremy Dittus

Copyright: What Can I Really Do?
Alfred Music Publishing, Pam Phillips

Dalcroze Improvisation for Movement: Creating Music that Moves!
Jeremy Dittus

Latin American Teachers’ Get Together
Caroline Fraser

S, eh, eh?
Kathleen Schoen

What We Studied—Lessons with & from Dr. Suzuki
Allen Lieb, Janet (Libby) Armour, Nora Grafton, Sarah Hersh, Helen Higa, Rebecca Paluzzi, Barbara Wampner

Bowing Patterns as Steps Toward Authenticity: A Simple Approach to Irish Fiddle Bowing
Charlene Adzima

Collaboration through Technology
Lindsay Crofts, Marie Pantina Chhibber, Leigh Wallenhaupt

Dalcroze Solfège: embodying rhythm and pitch for singers and instrumentalists
Jeremy Dittus

Inspiring the Next Generation of Collaborative Pianists: Reflections from a Suzuki Student, Suzuki Teacher, and Collaborative Pianist
Megan Dufrat

What Musicians Can Learn About Practicing from Current Brain Research
Molly Gebrian

Expanding Horizons: Outreach Recorders and Violins Connecting with the Schools, Community and Beyond
Janine Means, Carol Ourada

“Lift off and Landing” The Wonderful World of “Off String” Bowing.
Winifred Crock

Chamber Music: The ultimate collaboration, the expansion of the triangle
Melinda Daetsch, Teri Einfeldt, Christie Felsing, Malgosia Lis, Jacqueline Smith

Communicating for Collaboration in the Digital Age
Kay Collier McLaughlin

Music and Magic Galore: an interactive celebration of the mentorship work of David Gerry.
Meret Bitticks, Wendy Stern, Kelly Williamson

Setting Them Up for Success: Strategies from My First Year as a Suzuki in the Schools Teacher
Christopher Mattaliano

Suzuki Students CAN Read
Julie Gorka NCTM, Linda Gutterman

Using The Guitar To Teach Music Theory—Practical Fundamental Theory Literacy For Our Guitar Students
William Kossler

Vibrato Recipe for Cellists and Bassists
Virginia Dixon

Seeking Common Ground
Wan Tsai Chen, Dorothy Jones, Lorena Mayra Leal Isida, Leslie Mizrahi, Danette Schuh, Kelly Williamson

Cellobration Nation: Joining with Other Studios for Support and Events
Kate Ellingson (Marsch), Jennifer Fan, Nancy Hair, Erica Klein, Alyssa Lawson, Cynthia Kuutti Weller

Creating Systems and Routines in the Classroom
Gretchen Grube Rebar

Fabulous Fun: Piano Group Class with Only One Piano
Sheryl Phillips

Guitar Networking 101: Reaching Outside the Guitar Bubble
Joseph Spoelstra

How to Choose a String Instrument: A Survey of Student Violins (Featured Session by Robertson Violins—Emerald Sponsor)
Barbara Barber

Move it!
Jeremy Dittus

We Are One, We Are Suzuki: strategies for integrating transfer students into a Suzuki studio
Meret Bitticks, Sasha Garver, Maria Schwartz

Your Suzuki “Elevator Pitch”: be prepared when someone asks, “What do you do?” #1
Margaret Watts Romney

Movement Vocabulary for Musical Concepts
Jeremy Dittus

Welcome Reception

Mariachi Music by Coda Program Violinists
Friday Evening ^Top

Montrose Trio Concert
Saturday Morning ^Top

Bass Committee Meeting #4
S Daniel Swaim

Create Success! Tips to help parents succeed in Suzuki studios.
Christine Goodner, Nicole Wilton

New Tools for Suzuki teachers: Dalcroze Strategies and Techniques (Repeated)
Jeremy Dittus

Recorder Student Group Class
Renata Pereira

Exhibits Open (9am-3pm)

Cello Masterclass #2
Clive Greensmith, Madoka Asari

Piano Masterclass #2
Jon Kimura Parker

Violin Masterclass #2
Martin Beaver, Melissa Zindel

Teaching Instrumentalists to Breathe
Kenneth Phillips

Collaboration—Come Be Brilliant!
Anamae Anderson, Marilyn Becraft Dodson

Dalcroze Solfège: Embodying rhythm and pitch for singers and instrumentalists
Jeremy Dittus

Developing Consumate Collaborators
Joseph Pecoraro

Empowering Students Through the Arts and the Suzuki Method—Our Journey to Become an Arts Integration Academy
Lindsay Crofts, Matt Schuppert

Recorder Mini-Lessons
Kathleen Schoen, Mary Halverson Waldo

SECE Baby/Toddler Demonstration Classes #2
Wan Tsai Chen, Katie Ekberg, David Madsen, Lynn McCall, Danette Schuh, Meredith Vaughan

Teaching the Squirrelly Ones
Annie Barley Givler

Using Movement to Teach Music
Zara Lawler

Wheaton Program Students: Violin Group Class
Oscar Soler

Arizona Cactus: Sharing how we teach in elementary classrooms
Kylie Ahern, Karin Hallberg, Louise Scott

Artistic Cello Vibrato
Clive Greensmith

Dalcroze Lesson Planning for Group and Private Instruction: teaching through discovery and experiential learning
Jeremy Dittus

From Toddlers to Twinklers- The Transition from the Early Childhood Music Class to the Suzuki Instrumental Studio
Stacey Brady, Florence Muller

Harp Round Table
Anamae Anderson

Please Understand Me: Personality Type, Emotional Intelligence and the Suzuki Triangle
Kay Collier McLaughlin

Recorder Sound and Technique for Teachers Part 1
Paul Leenhouts

Supercharge Your Weekly Guitar Practice Routine
Mir Ali

My Very First Concert!
Danette Schuh
Saturday Afternoon ^Top

Flute Recital
Robert Langevin, Linda Mark

“Why Chapters?” Creating Your Elevator Pitch
Margaret Watts Romney

About the SAA Board Experience
Rolando Freitag

Building An Artistic Community Through A Chamber Music Cooperative
Alison Maerker Garner, Alicia Randisi-Hooker

My Graduation tapes: Hearing Dr. Suzuki’s Words, 30 Years Later
Nikki Routman Ebisu

Suzuki Trumpet, Suzuki Brass
Natalie DeJong

Demo Session Dalcroze Eurhythmics for Students
Jeremy Dittus

Chapter Round Table
Margaret Watts Romney

Recorder Teachers’ Group Class
Paul Leenhouts

Flute Masterclasses
Robert Langevin, Linda Mark

Early Experiences Elevate Everything: Early Brain and Child Development and the Future of Society
Dipesh Navsaria

Guitar Masterclass #1
Berta Rojas

Piano Masterclass #3
Bret Serrin

Balancing from the Center
Ellen Kogut

Becoming Better Teachers – what students need and want from us in the classroom or the studio
John Kennedy

Books Build Better Brains: How Promoting Literacy is Key To Early Brain and Child Development
Dipesh Navsaria

Dalcroze Eurhythmics: musicianship from the inside out!
Jeremy Dittus

How to Work with Boys’ Voices
Kenneth Phillips

Learning by Ear on the Cello—The How and the Why of it.
Carey Cheney, Susan Gagnon

Publishing Materials that Supplement Suzuki Teaching
Alfred Music Publishing, Allen Lieb, Bob Phillips, Pam Phillips

Strategies to Help Violin Students Develop Ownership and Persistence
Nancy Jackson

Your Suzuki “Elevator Pitch”: be prepared when someone asks, “What do you do?” #2
Margaret Watts Romney

Voice Books 1-2 Group Class
Amelia Seyssel

“I can do it!” Creating Independent Learners in the Class and Studio
Courtney Castaneda, Yvonne Davila

Bridge repertoire for Double Bass: Intermediate Repertoire for supplemental and post-Suzuki study
Dennis Whittaker

Dalcroze and Suzuki: Making Dynamic Connections that Nurture the Complete Musician
Jeremy Dittus

Indirect Teaching
Edmund Sprunger

Intergenerational Early Childhood Education – Adding a New Layer
Colleen Fitzgerald, Julia Murphy

Scales, Scales, Scales (and arpeggios)! & What about Etudes?
Tanya Carey

Teaching Professionalism in a World of Entitlement
Nicole Brady

Viola Masterclass
James Dunham

Voice Intermediate Group Class and Mini-Masterclass
Amelia Seyssel

Creating a Bright Future-Building an SECE Community from the Start!
Shirley Jamison Star, Alyse Korn

Expanding Our Community: Challenges and Insights in Creating the First Suzuki Program in Lebanon
Carrie Grace Beisler, Tony Maroun Moussa

Suzuki Piano in Mexico a growing community
Leslie Mizrahi

Bass Students’ Group Class
Kate Jones

Move it! (Repeated)
Jeremy Dittus
Saturday Evening ^Top

Collaboration Concert I
Sunday Morning ^Top

The Effects of Music on Health
Kenneth Phillips

Change a Habit…Now!
Schuan Carpenter

Intonation for Strings in the Studio and Group Setting
Bob Phillips

It’s All about the Sound: Revisiting Tone and Tone Production
Winifred Crock, Laurie Scott

Off to a Great Start: Ideas, Perspectives and Games for Teaching the Pre-Twinkle Cellist
Brittany Gardner, Tova Rosenberg, Carol Tarr

Recorder Sound and Technique for Teachers Part 2
Paul Leenhouts

Theory, Intuition and Joy
Caroline Fraser

Bass Masterclass #1
Paul Ellison

Chamber Music Masterclass
James Dunham

Piano Masterclass #4
Christina Tio

Access and Equity in the Suzuki Community: Strategies for Successful Engagement
Dan Browning, Calida Jones, Mark Mutter, Ashley Nelson

Building Community through Loving and Leading our Transfer Students
Sarah Dudas, Lucy Lewis, Stephanie Popa

Creating Variations: so easy, so valuable, and so much fun!
Jody Harmon

Nurturing independence through collaborative note taking #1
Paule Barsalou, Christie Zimmer

Perception and Energy
Pamela Devenport

SECE Baby/Toddler Demonstration Classes #3
Wan Tsai Chen, Katie Ekberg, David Madsen, Lynn McCall, Danette Schuh, Meredith Vaughan

What We Studied—Lessons with and from Dr. Suzuki—Violin Part 1
Judy Bossuat-Gallic, Hiroko Driver-Lippman, Sarah Hersh, Allen Lieb, Linda Stieg, Roger Stieg

“All Creatures Great and Small” A Suzuki flute teacher’s guide to orchestral excerpts
Elizabeth Shuhan, Wendy Stern

Guitar Masterclass #2
Berta Rojas

Recorder Masterclass
Paul Leenhouts

Viola Celebration
Elizabeth Stuen-Walker

Body Setup for Young Bassists
Paul Ellison

A Historically Informed Approach to the Suzuki Baroque Repertoire
Rachel Barton Pine

Beat the Intermediate Blahs: teach cellists eclectic music that supports their playing level
Renata Bratt

Alyse Korn, Jane Lenoir

Bridging Communities in Latin America
Braunwin Sheldrick

Collaborating With the SECE Community
Florence Muller, Danette Schuh

Creating Music Literacy with Unlimited Game Ideas
Karin Hallberg, Kari Lapins, Alexia Luscher, Kristen Tourville Wyatt, Michiko Yurko

In Ac-chord with Harmony
Andrea Cannon

LIFE LENS: Sharpening the Focus
Michele Horner

How to Present Your Own Carnival (of the Animals)
Renee Chomet Robbins
Sunday Afternoon ^Top

The Recorder as a Solo Instrument Through the Ages (c. 1200—2018)
Paul Leenhouts

Guitar Ensemble Performance
David Madsen

A look at the Brazilian Program of Renata Pereira and Gustavo Henrique de Francisco
Gustavo Henrique de Francisco, Renata Pereira

Developing a chamber program from Pre-Twinkle on Up!
Joanna Binford, Christina Morton

Exploring Favorite Duet Repertoire for Suzuki Pianists
Ellen Berry, Josee Desjardins

Fun for Everyone! Group Class Techniques For All Environments.
Alexander Revoal, Amber Sander, Shu-Yi Scott, Jennifer Stomberg

Priority Teaching: The key to success in any environment
Jose Marcio Galvao, Edward Kreitman

Starting Suzuki Learning Early
Dorothy Jones, Sharon Jones

Violin Book 8 Repertoire: Teaching points for technical and artistic development
Nicolette Solomon

Vocal Methodology from Teaching Kids to Sing (2e) by Dr. Ken Phillips
Kenneth Phillips

Guitar Recital
Berta Rojas

Harp Masterclass
Emily Levin

Building a School Dedicated to High Standards, Community and Collaboration
Christopher Mallett, Robert O’Connor Miller

Excellence from Day One!
S Daniel Swaim

From known to unknown – Guiding the early book two student to use skills achieved in Book 1 to read the repertoire in Book 2.
Gail Lange

Music from the Americas – Viola Repertoire from the Latin America, the USA and Canada
Rafael Videira

Music Literacy Beyond Rhythm and Pitch
Cecilia Calvelo-Hopkins

Sight-Reading is Easy!
Tanya Carey

Small Spots for Big Music
Danielle Charboneau

Using String-Instrument Physics to Enhance Practice Results
Meredith Arksey

What does it mean to be ‘ready’ for lessons? A cross-instrument panel discussion about young beginners
Kate Einarson

Harp Recital: Songs Without Words
Emily Levin

Alfabetización musical mas allá del solfeo y la lectoescritura “Music Literacy Beyond Rhythm and Pitch”—Section provided in Spanish
Cecilia Calvelo-Hopkins

Four Pillars of Suzuki Music Study
Roger Taylor

Make It Sparkle! Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Pre-Twinklers
Kasey Calebaugh, Lauren Culver, Lillian Manis

Nurturing independence through collaborative note taking #2
Paule Barsalou, Christie Zimmer

Blancamaria Montecinos Valdivia

SECE a change in perspective
Reagan Brasch, Alexandra Hadden, David Madsen, Lynn McCall

Some Interesting Facts and Wonderful Gems from lesser- known composers of the Suzuki Cello School repertoire
Carey Cheney, Elliott Cheney

Tone: A Sensitivity Collaboration
Judy Bossuat-Gallic

What’s Going on in There? How the science of movement of the head and neck can impact wind instrument teaching
Sasha Garver

Successful integration of students with special needs into the Suzuki studio
Liz Biswas

Orchestra Handbook: How to prepare now for a future orchestra audition and job
Emily Levin

Orchestras Concert: SYOA 1, SYOA 2 and SYASE
Sunday Evening ^Top

Suzuki Music Education: The Power of Connection
Koen Rens

Collaborations Concert II
Monday Morning ^Top

Create Success! Tips to help parents succeed in Suzuki studios. (repeated)
Christine Goodner, Nicole Wilton

From Twinkles to Concertos, Developing a Chamber Music Program Within Your Suzuki Piano Studio
Sara Stephens Kotrba, Adrianna O’Brien

Making Your Own Road Map Through the Twinkles
Heather Watson Hardie

The Arm Bone is Connected to the… Tailbone?!?
James Blumer

What We Studied—Lessons with & from Dr. Suzuki—Violin Part 2
Winifred Crock, Allen Lieb, Donna Lim, Edmund Sprunger

Celebrating Black Violinists and Classical Composers
Rachel Barton Pine

Every Child Can Play A Concerto
Fay Adams, Linda Gutterman

SECE: Every Teacher Can!
Ruth Bergman

Two Heads are Better Than One: Two Teachers’ Tale of How Group Class Collaboration Saved Their Sanity and Grew Their Students’ Ability
Brittany Gardner, Kelly McConkie Stewart

William Starr’s 77 Variations: Practical Teaching Tips
Hiroko Driver-Lippman

Closing Ceremonies
Beth Cantrell, Kamini Bhargava LaRusso, Carlynn Savot

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